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DEADLINE Applications are due by December 17, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.

NOTIFICATION Applicants will be notified of the review panel decision by March, 2022.

CONTACT If you have questions please contact

FAQ Title

What are the outputs of an accepted accelerator?

1) a public-facing presentation of your experience or process (for example, a virtual panel discussion, a short video shared on social media, a blog post, etc.)

2) a brief final report within 6-8 months of receiving the grant

What is the selection criteria for choosing a OneBeat accelerator?

1)Vision/Scope: How innovative & compelling is the project?

2) Impact/Need: Who will the project impact, and what will be the strength of that impact?

3) Feasibility/Clarity: What is the capacity of the individual/team to meet this project’s goals?

Can I submit more than one Accelerator application if I have multiple projects?

No, you can only submit one proposal each application cycle. However, you are welcome to reapply as many times as you would like in subsequent years.

I've applied and been rejected for an Accelerator in the past. Can I reapply with the same project idea?

Yes, you're welcome to reapply. We recommend updating your writing with any new information and progress you've made on your project since your last application.

I've already received an Accelerator award in the past. Can I reapply?

If you have previously received a OneBeat Accelerator grant, you will not be eligible for another award for 3 years.